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Create complete and tangible representations of complex data sets

DynamicsView is a competitive intelligence tool used to visualise clinical and commercial data from primary and secondary sources. Our product leverages the power of Tableau and Lifescience Dynamics’ deep competitive intelligence expertise to build and perform ad hoc analyses. DynamicsView transforms multiple filtered datasets into visual graphs accessed in a bespoke interactive dashboard, providing seamless and lucid data interpretation for our clients.

Data visualisation

Complex clinical and commercial data is available in several databases. However, your company could be missing the important information among the large amount of data.

DynamicsView is the perfect solution for the visualisation of complex and accurate pharmaceutical data in an intuitive way for the best insights. With DynamicsView, your colleagues will be able to filter and analyse the information for a more
tailored approach.

Data collection

We use both public and paid databases to gather the most up-to-date clinical and commercial information for different disease areas.

Data cleaning

We use our internal expertise in the most relevant therapeutic areas to filter and correct the raw data, so you can obtain accurate and correct insights.

Data visualisation

We provide intuitive, interactive and visually descriptive charts and dashboards, to help your team understand the current trends in your therapeutic area.

Liberate: make the data usable for everyone!


Complex data can be displayed in an easy and comprehensive manner.


Graphs can be modified to show different indications or developmental phases.


Precise and error free data due to our in-house expertise.


Our graphs are visually pleasant and can be used for your internal presentations without editing.


Your team can stay up to date in your therapy area in a quick and easy way.

DynamicsView applications

Clinical trial dashboard

Hundreds of clinical trials can be visualised to compare the competitor’s focus among different indications. Further information on the number of trials in different phases, joint collaborations, and monotherapy vs combination therapies can be filtered to obtain more granular details.

Commercial dashboard

Interactive charts can display competitors’ key sales figures of top assets against the entire products to investigate the diversity of the competitor’s portfolio. Sales forecasts of key
drivers and declining products can be visualised instantly and compared across different competitors to explore future
strong and weak assets.

Trial timeline

Durations for individual trials in different indications are illustrated in an intuitive style to demonstrate varying details for each phase and indication. The ability to filter different trials enables a more directed analysis depending on current strategic focus.

Summary of key past and future events

Quick view of competitors’ activities colour-coded by assets. The data can be filtered by geography, competitor and type of event. For a more selective view of a particular asset, a quick search can highlight key competitive activities to assist strategic planning.

DynamicsView allows the visual representation of key findings, for fast and easy data interpretation

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